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Love living at Block 75 Albany? Leave us a review, and tell us what you think of our luxurious Albany apartments.

- Tiffanie Foster

This place is amazing! I really appreciate the customer service that took place as soon as I entered. I instantly felt like family! It was so clean and the energy was amazing. I highly recommend this as a place to call home. It has to be the best place on this side of heaven! Way to go Block75!!!!! You guys are truly GREAT!!!!!

- Jacob Agwu

Living on Block 75 has been one of the best decision I made. The apartment complex has everything that I would ever want as a necessity, and to top it off, the rooms are great and have a fresh modern look. The apartment comes refurbish, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy or bring furniture. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is making the place truly yours. Just come by for a visit, and I am sure that you will very much treat this place just like home.

- Angel Ortiz

Block 75 is a great place to live and just minutes away from campus! This is a great transition between on campus dorms and living on your own for the first time. The leasing managers are extremely in touch with the tenants and get to know you on a personal basis through passing on your way to and from class. If you are looking for an apartment close to campus I would definitely choose Block 75. The general manager cares about their tenants and makes sure that each one is enjoying their time while living here.

- Alexis Rodriguez

The Block 75 apartment that I lived in was homey and inviting, as soon as I stepped into the room to tour it. I fell IN LOVE with the place AND their staff. The staff was extremely helpful and answered any questions I had with a friendly and determined attitude. As a past member of their staff for the short time I was there, I learned to appreciate the Block 75 associates even MORE and delivered the same work ethic that I loved from them when I first toured their model room as a potential resident. Talk about treating OTHERS the way YOU want to be treated! The staff’s infinite kindness and countless efforts for the residents, had molded me into that same type of employee when I worked at the Block 75 leasing office. So thank you Block! You were my first place on my own, and I will never forget the staff members who helped me get there.

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